He Still Does – “God Still Loves you, and I love you too.” The idea for He Still Does was planted long before The Jesus Trek, but the vision has grown into God’s good time, it has quickly become something larger than ever anticipated. 

The name comes from an encounter that Samantha had with a friend, who reminded her in the midst of darkness that God was still for her. It serves as a reminder of what we are called to do – which is to love others as Christ loves us. “Because when you are helping someone, it’s not about you. It’s about Jesus. Because He Still Does.” 

Mission Statement: Encouraging and equipping women into counter-cultural biblical womanhood through discipleship based in Scripture with truth and grace. Faith in His Word. Trust in His Heart. Obedience in His Spirit.

We want to provide a space where believing women can stretch, grow, and come alongside one another to be the global body of the church. We want to encourage followers of Jesus to move past a watered-down Gospel, and to dig deep into what a life with Jesus really means in this world.

Upon arriving home from Israel, it became clear to all of us that something was missing from so many of the modern-day churches we were surrounded by. There are too many distracting focuses pulling away from what the church is intended to be.

The core of the website will be weekly devotions posted each weekend, not intended to replace the local church, but rather to provide sound teaching for those who might be struggling to find a local community rooted in truth and grace. The truth can be uncomfortable, but we hope to call believers out of their comfort zones and into obedience by sharing the truth in love.

Alongside the weekly devotionals, the website will feature testimonies, starting with those from The Jesus Trek. We believe there is great power in sharing our stories with others. There will also be a space for resources, both teaching and missional. 

May the Peace of God be with you. Much Love.